Don Kenney

Managing Broker, Relocation Specialist

Big Picture Thinking

My work with clients began in 2001, and it has been a privilege to meet and serve many people and organizations over the following years.  I strive to focus on how a client’s real estate transaction fits into their broader goals and portfolio, and to advise with the long term in mind.  It is with this type of big-picture thinking that I’ve been able to participate with clients in the realization of their goals, both financial and personal.  An internal mandate of providing a high level of value to everyone I meet is what motivates me to bring excellence to the table in each meeting, transaction and relationship.  Gregg Hatch and I serve buyers and sellers in partnership, meaning that we are each fully involved in every transaction.  Our approach ensures two professional brokers’ eyes and minds focused on the best outcome for our clients, and we have seen this pay great dividends.

About Me

Seattle has been my home since 1991, and previous to that I lived in Lancaster County, PA.  Our family lives in Ballard, and together with my wife Jennifer and our two grade school boys, we love to explore the city and find ways to enjoy the natural beauty all around us.  Our favorite activities include skiing, swimming, baseball, Boy Scouts, hiking & camping, and (between January and April) waiting for the warmer and longer days of summer.